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Ballerud Junior Golf Colored Hat Gradering system

The Hat grading system is fantastic, fun way to motivate juniors to challenge themselves to become better. it is based on the colored belt system that has been used in martial arts. 

Juniors start by testing for the novice levels of Red- White Hat and then progress through Blue & Green Hats to the advanced Black Hats, each level progressively challenges their Skills, Physical ability and Knowledge of Golf, to achieve the highest levels requires a great deal of hard work and commitment.

Red Hat: this level is designed to easy the junior golfer into the system, Juniors as young as 5 years can complete this level, the test requires a basic knowledge of the game of golf and the ability to show basic fundamental movement skills, There is no skills test at this level. There is a garanteed pass at Red Hat level and a craving of only 20% correct answers to pass the Red Hat with white stripe level 

White Hat: at this level we introduce a skills test into the system, Juniors between 5 - 8 years can achieve this level comfortably.
The White Hat requires a 30% pass rate, and the White with Blue stripe requires a 35% pass rate.

Blue Hat Level: The difficulty of the skills tests increase and the pass requirement increases to 40%, we also require the junior to have a golf handicap of 53 or less. 

Blue Hat with Green stripe: Skills test increases in difficulty and a Handicap of 36 or less is required, pass rate requirement increases top 50% correct answers on the test.

Green Hat level: Skills test level increases and Handicap requirement is 18 or less, 60% pass rate is require.

Green Hat with Black stripe: Skills test level increases, Handicap requirement of 9 or less, pass rate requirement is 70%

Black Hat: Skills test Level Increases, Handicap requirement is 5 or less, 80% pass rate requirement 

Black Hat with Silver Stripe: Skills test level increases. Handicap requirement is 2 or less, 90% pass rate required

If you would like to set up a Test time for your junior golfer please contact simon@ballerud.no